Thursday, June 11, 2009


At least that's what I am trying to do, balance it all.

I have been trying to juggle work, and the kids, and the house, you know, since DD5 has been born. It's hard, I feel like a single parent with the amount of time DH spends traveling (I cannot complain too much though, his income is our bread and butter). Any way, my measly income was barely paying for daycare when I was recently fired for missing too much work (apparently staying home with sick kids is not acceptable).

So now I am thinking of opening a small in home daycare. That way I can home school, not worry about paying for daycare myself, and make a little money. My girls are excited, I have given the title of "Creative Director" to my DD5.

Speaking of the girls, my 2 step daughters live in another state with their mother, we don't get to see them much, but when we do it is chaotic. Not necessarily in a bad way, we are just in our routines and when they come our routines are out the window.

My 2 girls are so much fun to be around. The youngest one is 2, we will call her ladybug(because she has been a ladybug since last Halloween, just ask her, she will tell you!)She is the sweetest girly girl I have ever met. My older one will be 6 next month. She is so bright and imaginative and also a little bit bossy. My mom thinks she will be in some sort of authority position when she gets older, maybe a teacher, a judge, or could you imagine, the President.

They are the reasons I am starting this blog. I am no good at scrapbooking, and tend to leave all my photos in the camera anyway. I am also no good at sitting and writing things down. I am however good at being on the computer! So I thought a blog could help me record some bits and pieces of their childhood, as well as my thoughts on my family, my sewing adventures, and who knows what else.